Regenerating and moisturizing eye drops containing 2% Dexpanthenol and 0.5% Hydraflex

Dexoftyal MD are regenerating and moisturizing, sterile, viscous and transparent eye drops dedicated to irritated eyes. The Dexoftyal MD regenerating eye drops stimulate and facilitate the regeneration processes of the cornea. Thanks to the mucoadhesive properties of HydraFlex,  the tear film is maintained on the eye surface, and the eye surface is thus adequately protected. The product contains no animal-derived ingredients. 

Dexoftyal MD regenerating eye drops are also dedicated to contact lens users. The eye drops increase the comfort of contact lens wear, and ensure proper care of the eye surface. 

Dexoftyal MD regenerating eye drops protect and moisturize the eyes, whenever irritation occurs. The feeling of discomfort is considerably reduced, following the application of a few drops of the product. 

Dexoftyal MD regenerating eye drops are well-tolerated and may be applied with no particular restrictions. 


Dexpanthenol 2%, Hydraflex™ 0.5%, polyhexanide 0.001%


Dexoftyal MD regenerating eye drops can be applied in two ways: directly onto the eye surface or on contact lenses.

A: Direct application onto the eye surface: (contact lens users do not need to take the lenses out)

Place your index finger on the lower eyelid, and pull it gently downwards. With your other hand place the tip of the container close to the lower eyelid, making sure that the tip does not touch the eye surface! 

Instil 1 or 2 drops into each of the eyes, and blink 2 or 3 times to ensure that the preparation is evenly distributed on the entire eye surface. 

B: Application on contact lenses:

Place the lens on your middle finger.
Apply 1 or 2 drops on the lens, and put it in the eye.
Blink 2 or 3 times.


Multi-dose package - 15 ml bottle

Use within 2 months after opening the bottle. 


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