Enhanced viscosity moisturizing eye drops

Lakroft are eye drops containing hypromellose at a high concentration of 0.5%. Hypromellose at the concentration of 0.5% moisturizes the eye surface very well and relieves the tear deficiency symptoms.

Thanks to its high viscosity, Lakroft remains on the eye surface for a long time and its dosing does not have to be as frequent as in case of the other artificial tear preparations in the form of eye drops.

Lakroft protects, moisturizes and creates a protective film on the eye surface, lastingly removing the feeling of discomfort connected with the harmful impact of external environment, such as air-conditioning, wind, cold and dry air or air contaminated by second hand cigarette smoke, as well as the discomfort related to intensive eye-straining work, e.g. in front of the computer, prolonged driving, reading or television watching.

Lakroft supplements the amount of tears in case of tear deficiency, e.g. in people over 40, menopausal women and people on medication reducing tear production.

Thanks to its high viscosity, Lakroft quickly relieves the symptoms of tear deficiency, such as the feeling of dryness, eye fatigue and discomfort, gritty sandy feeling under eyelids, itching and burning sensation of the eye surface and eyelids. Importantly, it provides long-lasting results.

Hypromellose 5.0 mg, benzalkonium chloride 50% solution 0.2 mg, sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate anhydrous, water.

Make sure that the container is intact. Twist off the cap and instil one or two drops in each of the eyes.

Multidose container, 15 ml


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