The Ofta Ltd. company specializes in the design, implementation, production  and distribution of ophthalmological preparations.

Since 2010, the company has been managed by Maciej Osęka, MD, PhD, who has long-standing experience in the business of ophthalmology, especially in the field of ophthalmological medications and preparations.

For the past 10 years, starting from mid-1999 until the end of 2009, Maciej Osęka held the post of Director of the Polish Branch of the Dr. Mann Pharma company (acquired by Bausch&Lomb), and since mid-2005, upon the opening of Bausch&Lomb Poland Ltd. , he acted as Managing Director of the Pharmaceutical Department of  Bausch&Lomb Poland Ltd. In the course of the over 10-year professional career with Bausch&Lomb/Dr. Mann Pharma, doctor Maciej Osęka launched numerous new ophthalmological preparations on the Polish market, most of which were classified as leaders on their markets, and Bausch&Lomb grew to become the third biggest ophthalmological company in Poland (in 1999 it was ranked 11).

Since the beginning of 2011, OFTA Ltd. has been part of the Verco holding, operating in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

„Our mission is to create modern and innovative products and solutions for the ophthalmological market on the basis of our co-operation with specialists, scientific laboratories and producers of ophthalmological medications all over the world.”

Maciej Osęka, MD, PhD, CEO of OFTA Ltd.

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